Sun Basket Review

Lately I have been ordering Sun Basket. For those of you who don’t know it’s a meal delivery service. I like the fact that they’re organic and no matter what diet you choose it’s healthy. Here is why I love Sun Basket so much:

  • Don’t have to plan what to make
  • Saves you time; no need to go to the grocery store because it gets delivered straight to your door
  • Ingredients are measured out for you
  • Servings are the perfect portion & you won’t end up with uneaten leftovers
  • Sun Basket uses all Organic fresh ingredients
  • Never get bored eating the same foods
  • Give you a weekly recipe book that’s divided up by diet type

Normally I try to eat mainly plant-based vegan but I do have to switch it up every now and again. I think the biggest con for me is that Sun Basket only offers 3 Vegan dishes a week to choose from and some dishes have tofu in them or just don’t seem appetizing for me so I pick dishes with meat in them.

I am on the 3 meals/2 servings a week plan. It’s $11.99 per serving. With shipping it’s $78.93 which I don’t think is a real high price considering when I go food shopping for just my husband & I. I end up spending $100+ a week. You can get it even cheaper: Get $40 Off your First Delivery here.

Today I made Hungarian Chicken-Paprika Meatballs Over Quinoa Elbow Pasta. And yes that was a SUPER long name!


I like how all the ingredients come in a brown paper bag. It’s a nice way they organized it so nothing goes missing.


All the ingredients are measured out and there is very little prep work. The only prep work they usually have you do is washing the produce, chopping up onion, garlic and fresh herbs. Then you should put it together and cook it. It’s that easy!


And here is the final result! By the way, I baked my meatballs instead of cooking them on the stove. I like to make sure the meat is well-done.

IMG_1914Get $40 Off your First Delivery here.

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